About Us

Melanie de Miguel and Heather Kingsley-Heath are beadwork artists with an international reputation for delivering lively and interesting classes and masterclasses. They have independent careers, but decided to collaborate to explore in detail, their shared loves of history and intricate beadwork.


About the collaboration

Several years of exploration, experimentation and travel to source historical inspiration, resulted in the lavish book ‘Tudor Inspirations’. This is a book of innovative elemental designs – enabling the reader to select and recombine their favourite elements from 10 gorgeous projects. The book goes beyond beadwork, offering fascinating stories and snippets of Tudor era facts and history.

With more they wanted to add to their new ‘Elemental’ approach to design, it was a natural step to continue their collaboration. Our 2019 and 2020 retreats were so popular, it was sad to take a break in 2021 but we are happy to pick up where we left off for 2022. Heather and Melanie are creating two gorgeous new elemental designs for 2022, inspired by more from the deliciously delectable Art Deco era.


Heather’s love of beads and colour is infectious and has inspired and encouraged many beaders and designers. Her work is delicate, richly detailed and infinitely wearable, often inspired by history and vintage treasures. As a tutor Heather is a kind, patient, lively and inspiring teacher, generous with her design processes and techniques; passionate about intricate beadwork being achievable and enjoyable to create. She travels far and wide, invited to teach for retreats, groups, venues and at shows throughout the UK and overseas.

An experienced textile and print designer, Heather’s love of research extended to beadwork techniques, their development through history and across cultures. She developed Albion Stitch as a technique and has published three books to share the versatility and ingenuity of this simple stitch combination. Her work is featured in books, magazines, and the occasional academic paper.

To see and purchase Heather’s books, kits and tutorials, or to view her teaching schedule please visit: www.heatherworks.co.uk


Melanie is particularly known for her delicate, filigree beadwork trapping crystals. Her work has been featured in many publications and beadwork books. She absolutely loves to teach and is an inspiring tutor, constantly endeavouring to make her workshops fun and challenging. Melanie teaches her designs at beading retreats, shows and bead groups across the globe, and has her own YouTube channel for beading tutorials.

A qualified science teacher, passionate about her subject, Melanie’s fascination with thread paths, and constant desire to experiment, led her to create the beadwork technique – Hubble stitch, about which she has published two books, and which is regularly incorporated both structurally and decoratively into the work of many other designers.


To see and purchase Melanie’s books, kits and tutorials, or to view her teaching schedule please visit: www.beadschool.co.uk